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City of Fallen Angels



I enjoyed this book. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was a stand alone book and did not end with a cliff hanger like so many of today’s books do. I look forward to reading the next book in this series.

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The first half of the book is actually pretty good. Decent writing and interesting plot, though the character rationships progress a bit too quickly. The second half, however, is just plain terrible. There are huge inconsistencies in the plot and main character. The villian is a one dimensional “bad guy” who appears out of nowhere with no history, no reason for being, and without any believable tie to the main character, the kingdom, or the world. The story lurches from one event to the next witout anything that resembles a believable transition. There are just too many issues and problems to list with the second half of the book but the most egregious are the gaps, holes, and irregularities with the main characters history established in the first half of the story.

This is another book in a very long list of books on Amazon that desperately needed a profesional editor. This could have been a good book but unfortunately it just isn’t.

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2 reviews for City of Fallen Angels

  1. Firman

    Love this Book! Love it

  2. Darrell

    i like story in page 56

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